Albanian Human Rights Project

The Albanian Human Rights Project (AHRP), a US.-based, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, is dedicated to collect, film and preserve the testimonies of Albanians who were politically imprisoned or interned from 1944-1991 during Albania’s communist regime.

"Excerpted footage from AHRP documentary film, "Prison Nation: Albania 1944-1991."

AHRP began filming testimonies of former Albanian political prisoners in 2008 with a time-sensitive goal of recording 100 testimonies, primarily of those in their 70s and 80s in age, so their stories would not be lost. These testimonies would be accessible as historical documents for scholarly study, education and inspiration.

So far, 40 DVD testimonies were filmed and transferred onto DVDs. They are now preserved at The Albanian Central Archive in Tirana, Albania, and soon to be added to the Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War, in Los Angeles. Original footage will be archived at the USC Digital Repository at the University of California for 20 years.

Accompanying the testimonies is a collection of detailed questionnaires. These follow the guidelines used by the USC Shoah Foundation
Institute in Los Angeles for their collection of 52,000 testimonies of former Holocaust victims during WWII.  These questionnaires are being placed on an extensive database for future use in scholarly studies and education.

AHRP has also produced two short documentary films narrated in English:  “Prison Nation: Albania 1943-1991” and “Lost Voices Making History.” The original Albanian version of “Lost Voices Making History” is also available in both in English, and in Albanian under the title, “Zera te Heshtur.”

AHRP holds screenings, events and talks to raise awareness of the events during the political cleansing of Albanian citizens during the Communist regime of nearly 50 years. For information about holding a screening or event, contact Rose Dosti at or

Mission Statement

The Albanian Human Rights is dedicated to collect, film and preserve testimonies of former Albanian political prisoners during the Cold War from 1944-1991 under the Communist regime in Albania. More than 50,000 intellectuals, artists, writers, educators, clergy and families with children were interned, imprisoned in a political cleansing campaign designed to eliminate opposition to the existing regime.

The purpose of AHRP is to raise awareness and preserve memories of survivors of political imprisonment in Albania from 1944-1991 as history. AHRP's aim is to have the testimonies used as primary sources for scholarly study, education and inspiration.

Project Goals

  • Complete Archival Process.
    • Secure 40 filmed testimonies
    • Complete translated texts of 40 testimonies from Albanian into English.
    • Create subtitles in English for 40 testimonies.
    • Develop an historical database for 40 interviews.
    • Create a permanent digital archive with global Web access for study by scholars, educators and artists.
    • Secure funding of $80,000 to complete archival process for 20 year service at USC Digital Repository Library.
  • Create and Maintain an AHRP Website.
  • Produce a full-length documentary film based on the existing testimonies.
  • Film 60 additional testimonies of former Albanian political prisoners.